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How did Jesus Treat Mothers?

On the brink of his impending death, Jesus' thoughts were on a matter of great importance.

He spoke to John, his trusted disciple, and asked John to take Mary (Jesus' mother) as his own mother [John 19:27].

Why would Jesus say this? It's one of those verses in the Bible that are not fully understood, it's often glossed over with little thought.

But, if it was important enough for Jesus to say with only a few breaths left in his body, then we should give it more than a moment's thought.

Jesus loved his mother so dearly that he wanted to ensure someone would be there for her, look after her, and be a shoulder for her to cry on as she grieved after his death. Christ came to earth to fulfill many purposes, one of which was to be an example for us to follow.

This is not the first incident in the bible where women and mothers are treated in a unique way by Jesus. In fact, Christ shows a particular honor and tenderness for women. He reveres mothers, particularly his own.

On this Mother's Day and going forward, bear in mind that the Lord himself held you in such high regard and with such high esteem that it was on his mind up to his last moments alive. You are special.

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